eighth-note flags

• Mar 22, 2013 - 07:45

On eighth note that are not part of a beamed group e.g. a single eighth note off of the beat, the "flags" are clear and readily readable on all stem - down eighths. However, [and this is my problem] on those eighth notes where the stem is upward from the note head the flag is so horizontally collapsed that it appears as though the stem is just a bit wavy. No one could be expected to read this note effectively at tempo. The professional musician expects all notation to be clear and unambiguous. I need a way to set the note-style so that the flags on upward stem eighths appear like those on downward-stemmed eighths and I have not found that option in any of the menu options or the handbook. How can this problem be fixed?

I am using Musescore 1.2 on ubuntu 12.4 studio - 64 bit, linux kernel


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Thanks you for the screenshot!
Something is wrong with your Ubuntu system. As you can see the treble clef and the 4/4 time signature are written in italic.

- Close MuseScore
- Go to Launcher menu -> settings -> settings manager -> appearance -> font and change the system font from italic to normal
- Launch MuseScore again.

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