Adding claps and stomps to regular notes?

• Apr 3, 2013 - 21:15

I'm typing in a traditional norwegian tune, which is basically regular singing notes (although no words) mixed in with some claps and stomps.

Problem is of course the claps and stomps. Is there any way to do this in MuseScore?

Basically there are two cases in this particular tune. Some notes are crossed out, in which the singer is supposed to clap instead of singing anything. Second case is some notes marked with a small black triangle where the singer is supposed to stomp their foot at the beginning of the note. Hope that made sense :p

Anyways, is there a way to do this in MuseScore in a single staff? And have MuseScore play clap/stomp sounds where they should be?


I have temporarily "fixed" it by silencing the clap-only-notes (set velocity to 0) and then adding a drum line to "fill in" the sounds. Used a sidestick for clap and a acoustic bass drum for the stomping. Works fairly well, although I wish I could mix it in so it's more "correct".

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