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• Apr 10, 2013 - 06:41

Whenever I am entering chords, sometimes I get into the habit of holding the shift key, but when I am on a rest with no notes, and I accidentally forget to let go of the shift key, Musescore throws an error box that must be acknowledged before continuing. I like to have the volume up and maybe I have a fragile constitution or whatever, but the unexpected error tone makes me shoot up out of my chair. Is it possible for Musescore to handle this situation a bit more nicely? Maybe simply enter the note as if I hadn't held the shift key without complaining. My blood pressure would thank you.


Agree, some of the error dialogs seem a but intrusive. But I wonder, are you perhaps turning up your computer speakers very high to compensate for the relatively low deault playback volume in MuseScore. Have you tried turning up the volume under dosplay / synthesizer? This might reduce the eed to turn your speakers up so loud.

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Thanks for pointing out the synthesizer volume. At first I wondered why the volume control was in so many places but after thinking about it, the one in the mixer is for balancing each instrument in an ensemble and the one in the synthesizer more of a master volume and this makes sense. I am guessing that volume on the play panel is for temporary adjustment and not saved with the score??? I wonder, though, if this could be made clearer by combining the synth and mixer into one larger window instead of having similar functions spread among different windows. I haven't really been involved with Musescore since the advent of 1.0 so I wasn't familiar with the synth pane.

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