Malignant "Harmony" / Chord names!

• Jul 21, 2009 - 20:48

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My son and I are working with on a score with multiple instruments. We were just getting started and are doing a lot of cutting, pasting, and re-arranging. I decided to label the guitar parts with "Chord Names" -- which appears to also be called "Harmonies". The problem is that these labels (Harmonies) appear to keep growing on top of each other. Sometimes they over lap other Hamories, but mostly there seems to be dozens of them on top of each other. So, to delete what appears to be ONE of them takes deleting about 20 to 30 of them!

If you right click on the chord name and select "Object Inspector", one finds a tree with Page-System-Measure- and then a list of 20-30 "Harmnies" -- which represent the 20-30 overlapping chord names!

Ideally one could delete ALL of them at once -- but I cannot find a way to do that. Alternatively if there was a way to delete ALL from the entire document, that would even be better.

Please tell me what we are doing wrong and how can we easily fix this?? Thanks.

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I suspect like I used to do, you are copying parts that already have chord symbols attached. As the symbols are attached to the notes, when you copy them, the symbol gets copied also. The only remedy I have found, so far, is to add the symbols AFTER I have copied all the parts I want.

Hope this helps.

Good luck.

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That is what figured... I thought it would be smart to add the chords early on in the process - to help keep track of the musical structure. But it seems to have been a mistake! It takes for ever to delete all of those 'Harmony' entries. I wish there was a way to simply delete them all...

For what it is worth, the issue with copying and pasting chords is fixed in the prereleases. (See "prerelease" heading on the [[nodetitle:download]] page for more information)

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