Tremolo symbols won't adjust on whole notes

• Apr 11, 2013 - 19:45


I cannot enter a tremolo to a whole note, it will only place it above the note if I have a double stop in the measure. I am unable to get it below the whole note. Note the last 2 whole notes in the piece. I've tried changing voices, and I've tried leaving the voices the same. with 2 notes, the bottom note puts the tremolo above, the upper note below. Either case puts the tremolo between the 2 notes. Help?

Kevin Freer

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If you dont like where a symbol is placed by default, kust drag it wherever you want. Better automatic initial positioning would be nice, of course, and MuseScore is slowly improving in this regard. But meanwhile, just expect to need to manually reposition thins sometimes. Zooming in often helps as far as being able to accurate grapd the symbol you are trying to move. Sometimes double click (edit mode) and arrow keys is easier / better than dragging with the mouse.

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If you open the file the op left and try to add a trem symbol to the last whole note, it fails. I'm not sure why. There appear to be a number of things wrong with this file though. 1) violin is used when viola is clearly intended. 2) slurs are used in place of ties 3) voices are used when not needed in the final measures.

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Hi, Thank you for your response. It does indeed fail. This is a conversion file from a Viola to a Violin 3 part. I enter it first as Viola, then simply change the clef. It is intentional. There were slurs used before I found the tie button. The voices in the last measure was my attempt to get the tremelo in the correct spot. It doesn't go below the lowest note on the staff as I described in my initial question.

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I dont understand what you mean about it failing. i had no difficulties at all dragging the tremolo symbol from the palette to each of the tied whole notes as well as the final quarter note. Are you using the correct symbol - the one with the stem through it? The other one is for so ething different. If you are having problem, can you describe in more detail what goes wrong? Des it not drag at all? Des the note you are draggi it to not highlight when you get there? When you release the symbol after the note highlights, does it not appear? All these things work fine for me.

As for moving the symbol, as I said beofre, sometimes double click and arrow is the way go. That seems to be the case here.

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By final whole note, you mean the note in the second to last measure (the final note of the piece is a quarter, yes)?

I just tried it again, and the double click method works just fine for me. Didn't matter if I started by clicking the top note or the bottom. This is with 1.3.

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