Editing lyrics to match notes

• Apr 13, 2013 - 13:50

Two questions:
How do I tie lyric text for two-syllables from
adjacent words onto one note? = works but not nice.
How do I insert a space into lyric text currently on
one note so that the text is then on two notes?


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thanks so much
The Ctrl Space seems to tie both words to the same
note OK, but I need also a little visible tie under
the text like I see in other music. How is that done?
I use version 1.3 Revision 5702

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In the Handbook I had downloaded,
the search didn't work.
On page 55 in the online handbook it says:
"In the text toolbar, click on the keyboard icon
, or hit F2 to open the Text Symbols palette.
The synalepha is the 4th starting at the end"
But I cannot find any text toolbar on the
MuseScore software editor, and
F2 doesn't do the job like it says it should.

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Hi hill0093 -

To get to the text toolbar, double click on the word you want to edit. The word will be selected (blue box, blue text, cursor) and the text toolbar shows up at the bottom of the MuseScore window.


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I need the synalepha. I use mac book pro
for example I want to ligature these two syllables da and eu on one note. So OK right now I have daeu. I select syllable & place cursor in the middle. Then I select text tool and see the synaelpha 4th from the right. It puts under the letters not between them. I want space over the ligature, like da_eu, not daeu with e synalepha under it. If I type space it goes to next syllable. I tryed control space and command space and shift space. None will insert a space in the lyric seems synalepha is a not advancing character. . Really I did rtfm. It is not anywhere. Pls help. Thanks.

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