Fermata problems in ver 1.3

• Apr 15, 2013 - 17:40

Hey there,

first of all I'm gladful that you now are able to set fermatas above pauses which was not possible in ver 1.2. However there are two problems that occur to me. The first is that the fermatas won't align properly above the pauses, you have to arrange them on your own right now for better print results. The second is that the fermata's size is not changed when placed above a small pause - above small notes it's just fine.

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I am glad to see that I am not the only one that gripes over the problems. One personal solution that I use for your first complaint is to place the fermata over a note and then drag it to the rest. While it does not do well on playback, neither really does Musescore (right now at least, I'm sure it will improve with 2.0).

I assume when you refer to "pauses", you mean rests, as opposed to the "grand pause" symbol (aka caesura, aka virgule, aka "railroad tracks")?

Actually, attaching fermatas has always been possible as far as I know, although there was a bug at one time where the drag & drop method didn't work. But I am pretty sure double clicking the fermata icon has always worked. In general, that's always the far more efficient method of applying markings.

Anyways, regarding the alignment, I assume you mean the fact that they are slightly offset to the left rather than being center. That appears to already be fixed in 2.0. Same with the issue with small staves. I think that affects more than fermatas.

But there is definitely no need to drag fermatas from notes to rests. Simply click the rest, double click the fermata icon, and if the slight offset bothers you, double click the fermata in the score and nudge it right with the arrows. Trying to manually position a fermata over one element by attaching it to another then dragging it is pretty much guaranteed to no longer look as expected if the layout of the score changes in any way whatsoever.

And FWIW, fermatas *do* playback in 2.0, although if there is a way to fine tune the effect, I haven't found it.

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