Playback bug (r1898, Ubuntu 9.04)

• Jul 22, 2009 - 19:12

I'm not reporting the bug as an issue since I cannot reproduce the error in a new score.

Since I added the volta in the score of the Fantasia 3 in d minor by Mozart (see page 6 of the attached score), MuseScore can only playback the score once in a session. Once the playback finishes, if I press play button again, even after editing and saving, MuseScore crashes and I have to open it again.

BTW, I'm using MuseScore r1898 for Ubuntu Jaunty from the PPA.

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kv397-385g-fantasia_3-re-menor.mscz 17.28 KB


I'm not able to reproduce the crash on Windows using r.1944. I played all the way through. Pressed play again and it started from the beginning as expected.

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