two icons are missing in the window of the "PREFERENCES"

• Apr 17, 2013 - 18:45

two icons are missing in the window of the "PREFERENCES"
Submitted by FredPaul Vogel on April 17, 2013 - 8:21am.
The newer version of MuseScore Nightly Build as Nifgtly version 2.00 revision 94c8893 it strikes me that there are two icons are missing in the window of the "PREFERENCES". In "Sound Fond Path" and "SFZ Files Path". Therefore, it is not possible to choose from. Another Path
These icons do occur in older versions of Nightly.
Question 1. Is there a reason that they are missing? And why?
Question 2. Can there be anything to do behind the lack of these icons, and functions to store the inability changes in synthesizer Head Mood 440.0 Hz to 415.0 Hz and then use. The synthesizer don’t remember the change.



It's better to use the Technology preview forum to post feedback about the nightlies.
1/ Yes there is a reason. We are working on the support of multiple paths to look for soundfont.
2/ No it's not linked.
You already reported the problem here Once should be enough. If it's urgent for you to have it working, it's better to use MuseScore 1.3.

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