Wasted score space with many instruments

• Apr 30, 2013 - 11:31

This may not completely qualify as a "bug", but does anyone else notice that when they have more than 5 instruments in a score, the autofit thing puts the next rows on a whole new page when there's all this blank space at the bottom?

Could musescore possibly have a feature that allows you to "shrink" the score to fit at least 2 rows on one page?

The attached picture file shows an example of this (look at the "minimap" thing in the lower part)

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musescore.png 221 KB


It may look like there is room for another system, but if MuseScore if not putting one there, then there must not be. You can adjust the various settings - age margin, distance between systems, distance between last system and bottom of page, etc - in layout / page settins and in style / general / page. Or, if there is just no way to fit the next system. Them reduce the overall music size via the "space" setting in the former dialog.

Sometimes it's as simple as setting the bottom margin to 10 instead of the default 20. You can also shrink everything (Layout -> Page Settings -> Scaling Space). In this case, though, since you appear to have three "real" instruments plus three percussion, I'd goto Style -> Edit General Style -> Page and reduce the Stave distance to, say, 4.5. Then I'd manually increase the distance between the upper staves using the I-shape spacer from the Breaks and Spacer palette. This gives you enough space for notes above and below the stave for the non-percussion instruments.

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