Red Notes

• Apr 30, 2013 - 22:09

Is there any way to force the system to just play the red notes despite them being out of the ideal range? I've tried disabling red notes and I've tried going into staff properties to adjust the range but it still refuses to play those notes. I understand that the instrument would not be able to, but as this is simply software producing tones there is no reason it should not be able to just play it when it's being told to play it. It's capable of it, so surely there is some way to coax it into doing so?


Which nstrument, which notes, and which soundfont? I suppose soundfonts may be defined to not produce notes out of their defined range. But most out of range notes play just fine for me -- well, they don't sound good the further you get out, because of course they have to be synthesized from samples of notes that *are* im range - with the instruments and soindfonts I tried.

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