Chord Name Font Change Error

• May 4, 2013 - 15:01

I click on a note with my cursor and hit Ctrl-K. I change the font to Arial and the size to 6.69. I type the chord name (e.g., F/A). It appears as Arial, 6.69. I hit Enter. The chord changes to Times Roman, size 9.69. No amount of editing causes the font and size to change.

I using Windows Cluster**** 8, which was an assault on Microsoft's installed user base, purposely designed to cause problems for older software. I'm wondering if that is the problem or if I am just missing something obvious.


Chord symbols are not ordinary text but are rendered according to the chord style you are using (style / general / chordname and style / text / chordname). So font changes to the text you enter has no effect - the chord will still need to be rendered according to the style.

I believe if you use stdchords.xml, then it might still honor the font chosen in style / text / chordname. The other style files, however, will ignore all but the size set in the text style, as they are hardcoded to use specific fonts for the specific looks they are trying to achieve.

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Thank you for your suggestion. I changed the style to stdchords.xml. All of the chords were rendered as Times Roman, 9.69 instead of JazzMuse but I still couldn't change the font and size.

However, your suggestion lead me to another idea. Rather than Style / Edit General / Chordnames, I tried Style / Edit Text Style / Chordname and changed the font to Arial and the size to 7.

Now, as I edit each chord individually, it changes to Arial 7.

Changing the font name and size in the edit box still doesn't work.

And the method I discovered is a bit cumbersome and makes all chords the same size and font.

But, realistically, why would I want chords to vary in size within a piece, so that is not a real issue.

And, going forward, I will set the style at the outset so I don't have to edit each chord after the fact.

My thanks to the wonderful people who are taking the time to maintain and upgrade this wonderful program. Creative talent in music AND computers -- that's awesome.

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To be clear:

Style / general / chordname controls various general aspects of chordname display - whether "m" or "mi" or "-" is used as the abbreivation for monor, for instance. But the font is still controlled by style / text / chordname when using stdchords.xml. When using any of the "cchords" style files, font for most glyphs is locked to MuseJazz.

And yes, you normally want all chords to be the same, so controlling it in one place is normally a good thing. Choda are actually one of the few areas in 1.X where changing the style *does* affect all existing elements, although you may not see the change until the score is reloaded or you otherwise force the chord to be rendered anew.

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