Tiny ties

• May 11, 2013 - 15:03

There are times when I'm tying eight notes within a measure to make it formatted properly (across the & of two and three in 4/4, across count 3 and 4 in 6/8), and the resulting ties are tiny and nigh invisible. I know I can fix this by manually changing the size of the tie, but, not only is that a huge hassle to do with every single part, but it shouldn't even be a problem. The ties should be taller.


Agreed. It seems 2.0 will hamdle this better. Meanwhi,e manual adjustment - either of the ties themselves or of the note spacing or measure stretch - is still the way to go.

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Several possibilities

1) style / general / measure spacing affects it globally
2) layout / add more stretch adds it to selected measures
3) right click note, note properties allows you to add leading or trailing space
4) double click note, left/right arrow to nudge manually (stem follows head when you hit Esc to leave Edit mode)

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