brackets with triplets

• May 12, 2013 - 12:54

I prefer always to have square brackets with triplets. I know how to add them when they're not there, but is there a quick way to do all of them in one go?


I prefer this too, because I transcribe a lot of blues and there are a lot of beamed notes, only some of which are triplets, and with fingerings in there as well it can get tricky to see which are the triplet notes! I'm using MuseScore3 and until today I've been selecting any triplets which haven't been given an automatic bracket (auto doesn't give you a bracket if the notes are already beamed and there are no rests in the triplet) and then bulk-applying the bracket, but there is a MUCH easier way to do this I've just found. I hovered over the "S" to the right of the Inspector's BracketType dropdown, and it popped up "Set as style", and when I clicked on that, ALL of the triplets in the whole piece got bracketed. I checked that this only applies to the current piece being worked on, and that's correct, it's not global. So then you can either manually apply that style in a piece by selecting an unbracketed triplet and using the Set As Style button, or do what I'm about to do which is to Set that style in the mostly blank template I normally use for blues pieces, and then whenever you start working with that template (saving it as your new piece) it will always use brackets for all triplets. Of course wherever I've used the word "triplet", I expect it will apply to all tuplets of any number. Awesome :o) Nearly every day I find something new and nicely done in MuseScore! There's probably a way to globally switch to bracketing all tuplets, such as editing the global style itself if that exists, but I don't think I want that at the moment. However, even if you find that and set it, you can obviously change the style back to "auto" instead of "bracket" for the current piece by the same method described above. So good :o)

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