So much notation not working!

• May 13, 2013 - 00:32

1.3, Windows 7.
So, my music writing is kinda limited. The only articulation/ornament that does anything is staccato, glissandos don't work, slurs don't sound slurred, and crescendos/decrescendos don't do anything. Only sometimes will the piano slurring pedal notation work. Also, randomly, if i delete all notes in a measure, the next measure will not be the correct amount of beats. To name out everything that doesn't work:
Trill Line
Both Glissandos
All Articulations/Ornaments except Staccato
Any Tremolos


With regards to score playback, be advised that Musescore, primarily a music notation app., is a work in progress. Playback, though improving, is a secondary consideration. See, for example, concerning articulations.
Also, querying the search box with specifics will often yield answers as to whether or not something is implemented in playback.

As far as notation, if note(s) in a measure are deleted, rest(s) should appear in place of the notes. The next measure should not be affected. Posting a .mscz file (Musescore file) which exhibits such behavior would help. Such a file can easily be attached to a forum post.

As noted, the playback in MuseScore is really primarily to give a basic check on your notation work, not an end in itself. As a very rough analogy, imagine if your favorite word processor came with some sort of text-to-speech synthesizer so you could hear it read what you've written, but it didn't actually do anything special when reading words in bold or italics, did not make a question *sound* like a question, etc. You'd probably accept that knowing the main purpose of the word process was producing the text, not hearing the computerized "playback".

But it should also be noted that there *are* a number of improvement coming in 2.0, including playback of some types of crescendo/diminuendo, trills, some tremolos, and other articulations. And even in 1.X, there are things you can do, like install and run the appropriate plugin (see menu at right of this page) for crescendo/diminuendo playback. Also, pedal *does* work in 1.X, assuming you enter it correctly (don't extent it using the mouse; you the keyboard as explained in the Handbook)

In your example, any note(s) which I delete are replaced with rest(s). The next measure is not affected (only perhaps being moved a tad). Is there a specific measure?

Aside from the 7/8 time signature in the 16th measure (addressed by Stoichi's post), the only weirdness I see is in the 22nd and 27th measures. It would be interesting to know how you got to that point, but since there are no notes there, you can just select and Ctrl+Del it out of existence (Windows keyboard).

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