Issues dragging scores with MuseScore Connect panel enabled

• May 15, 2013 - 15:31

nightly f8d5642, Win8 64-bit. I will test tonight with Windows 7.

Steps to show the issues:

1. Start MS nightly
2. Close any open score
3. Enable the MuseScore Connect panel
4. Drag a score to the area where the score is typically displayed
5. The score will not open and the Connect panel will go from "Connect with the community" to "Could not connect"
6. Turn off the Connect panel and dragging will work

7. Now re-enable the Connect panel and click on "Retry" in the Connect panel
8. Windows 8 will pop up a window saying "no apps are installed to open this type of link (qrc)", but the Connect panel will connect


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I am now on git b6cba74. I have discovered that things only fail when I drag an MS file over the Connect window. I don't mean drop onto it but it just simply has to have been over it at some point during the drag. If I have MS to the left of my scores folder and drag a score icon over to MS (going over the palettes side) it will open. If I drag it so it is over the Connect window, then move back and drop it onto the blank score area, the Connect panel will now close and the score will not open. Same if I drag it from the left of MS going over the Connect window first and drop it on the empty score area. If I intentionally drag around the bottom of the MS application boundary (to avoid Connect) and then drop it on the empty score area it will open as well.

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OK I can reproduce. All scores needs to be closed and you have to drag through the playpanel. While dragging the playpanel becomes the drop target and since there is nothing in the middle to become target, it remains the target. Only fix I can think about is to have the connect panel dealing with the drop by opening the file.

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