Breath mark bug 0.9.5

• Jul 24, 2009 - 22:38

Just started using MuseScore, very impressed!
I'm using Mac OS X Leopard and the 0.9.5 prerelease. I think I found a bug and this is the only place I could think to report it. Placing breath marks in a score seems to kill the file. I was able to restore from the hidden (dot) backup file, but no matter what, when I try to open it again, MuseScore crashes. I even created a test file with all the default settings, and inserted nothing but a piano score of 12 measures, an "E" above middle C, and a single breath mark. It doesn't crash without the breath mark, but as soon as I save with a breath mark and close then reopen the file, MuseScore crashes. Again, I'm able to restore from the hidden backup file and open it without crashing - and without the breath mark.
Obviously, this is a prerelease, so there are probably bugs, I'm not complaining. I just want to find out why this is happening. Hopefully it's just something weird with my system, not the program itself. I attached the files that I used to test this. If anybody has a potential solution, shout it out!

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Thanks for the detailed bug report (yes it's a bug ;)).
I commited a fix in r1952.

As a "workaround", I think it would work if you have a note after the breath.

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I tested this in a self-built version of r.1953. The "testWithBreathMark.mscz" opens without a crash, and I'm not able to reproduce a crash regardless of whether the breath mark is followed by a note or rest.

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