Copying lyrics between vocals for voice extraction

• May 17, 2013 - 07:59

I am a novice to Musescore, I may have missed something, but I have not found answer in the Guide.

Is there an option to put text of lyrics not to a single vocal, but as common to all vocals, to be able to keep it while extracting for particular vocals ? AFAIK there is possible to have a Text common for all, but not the lyrics.

Or, how to copy lyrics for a single vocal to other ones ? I failed to realize the way......

Or, eventually, to merge vocals into 4 voice 1or2 "lines" lead sheet ?

Thanks in advance.... Poutnik


If the vocals all sing notes of the same duration, there is a workaround using the Explode Plugin:

Write your piece on one stave with chords comprising several notes, each corresponding to the different voices. (Note don't enter them using separate Voices (with capital V) which is a different thing).

Write the lyrics.

The first stave will become the first Part so create an empty stave for each of the other Parts.

Select the whole first stave and copy to each of the other staves.

Select everything.

Run the Explode Plugin.

Create separate Parts (File-Parts).

Another way to do it would be to use System Text instead of Lyrics but it's quite laborious writing lyrics this way,

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Thank you for the reply.

Unfortunately, they are not fully, about 5% of notes have differences in duration.
Also, I have already created 4 separated SATB Voices.

But I have in the meantime dicovered the option to prepare lyrics in text editor,
with option to put lyrics in by CTRL-L + repeated CTRL-V by syllables.

It is not as convenient as I would like, but acceptable.
More effective ways are always welcome, anyway.

Edit: I have also noticed an advice
about creation one extra Voice of the type of the target,
and copying over other Voice with lyrics, and back the target Voice without lyrics.

But not yet tried.
I think this also applies to same durations only.

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It seems obvious to me when there are difference it cannot be as easy as one copy/paste operation.

Main idea I wanted to address was avoiding redundant typing.
either between Voices, either within the same Voice with repeated lyrics.

I suppose for now CTRL-L + repeated CTRL-V will be main way to go for me...

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