append with differend time signatures

• May 19, 2013 - 19:15

I have two pieces, one in 6/8, the other in 2/4 alternating with 3/8. I don't manage to append the latter to the former. In copy/paste, the time signatures get lost, and the appended bars are a mess.


change the time signatures.
After you will have to do some tweaking.

It would be better:
First set the time signatures, after pasting.

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True, but what you are doing - merging two apparently unrelated pieces into a single score? - is a pretty unusual thing to want to do.

On the other hand, just copying and pasting a passage from one area of a piece to another is pretty common thing, so it would be nice if copy and paste could optionally preserve time signatures. At other times, the current behavior is exactly what you'd want. In general, there are a number of things one might like to be able to control what gets copied in a copy/paste operation, and this is a common request that hopefully will be implemented some day.

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Unrelated pieces, not really: variations on a theme. I wrote them into separate files for easier playback, thinking (somewhat naively, it appeared) that merging files is a trivial matter. Meanwhile, I copied and pasted the piece bar by bar, first filling in he time signatures. So my problem is dealt with the hard way, and I learnt my lesson. Thank you for considering.

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Problem is with time /signatures/ (plural): say 2/4, then some 3/8, then 2/4 again etc. That's where things go wrong with copy and paste, because Musescore apparently keeps to one time signature and redistributes the notes over the 'measures'. Playback is OK, but the score is a mess.

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