Program refuses to save

• May 19, 2013 - 22:45

For some reason, I can't save my file, no matter if I click Save, Save as, Save a copy, etc. The asterisk next to the name on the tab won't go away, and I can't close the file. Any ideas? I'm afraid to close my laptop in case it deletes the whole file.


There's a bug in some versions of MuseScore on some OS's where if won't let you perform an initial save if the title has a colon in it, because MuseScore tries to come up with a filename based on the title, and colons are illegal characters in some OS's (eg, Windows). The bug is fixed in 1.3, but of course that doesn't help right now. I don't know if changing the title before trying to save will help or if it's locked into the title you gave it first. Copy & paste into another score may be the way to go if changing the title doesn't work.

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