How do I change font size already in score

• May 22, 2013 - 16:54

How do I change font size already in the score?
I just made a new score with the font size set at 14, but
I want to change all of it to size 9.
How do I do this?
I also have an older score where there are two sizes.
I suppose the same procedure will work there too.


Just a clarification: "all similar" really means, "same *type* of text". So doing this to a staff text (text created by ctrl-t) will hit all staff text, but not rehearsal marks or any other type. You'll need to do each type of text individually. And unfortunately, not all staff types will work this way - you won't be able to do dynamics, instrument names, tempo, repeats, or a few others. This situation will be improved in 2.0.

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The text is lyrics, and there are two sizes to be made one.
I can select the text using mouse "click and control-click".
But I can't find any "text properties" to use.
I also try Style>Edit Text Style>Lyrics Odd Lines>Apply>OK
but it doesn't work. I can't seem to succeed.

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Text properties are in the right click menu. So select, then right click. The right click menu is also where you'll find an option to select all similar items. But you won't need that since there is also an option to do that built in to the text properties dialog.

So, right click any single syllable - no need to multiselect - then select text properties from the right click menu. Make your change and be sure to turn on the "apply to all" button at the bottom of the text properties dialog.

How do I change the default text size for the Staff Text? I go to Edit Text Style, change the Staff Text from size 15 to size 10 but when I go to type in a new Staff Text line, it's still at 15. So, I then have to change every Staff Text input, which is getting old fast. Plus, it's frustrating to see that the Edit Text Style box still says its size 10 when it is clearly not doing so. I've even closed the program and restarted, similar to the process for loading an edited drum palette, and that has not changed anything. I'm not trying to change the text in the score; I want to change the text size before I even enter it. Otherwise, it looks like crap and I will have to arrange everything later anyway. Is there some step that I missing when trying to change the size of the default font?

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1) If you are entering staff text (shortcut is Ctrl + T), be sure to select menu item: Style / Edit Text Style / Staff, then change the default Size. Do not mistake 'Staff' with 'System'...

2) Then, if necessary, select menu item: File / Reload, then click on 'Save'. (Instead of restarting Musescore)

3) Click on a note in the score, press Ctrl + T, enter text above that note. Size should be applied to the new text.

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Thank you but I don't know what is going on. I'm doing exactly those steps (which are what I found in a YouTube tutorial as well.) I'm so bewildered that I've attached some screen shots to see if that might help explain my situation.

However, I might have figured it out. I had to change the text size on the Edit Text Style to offset the text size on the main screen for some reason.

Attachment Size
Text size 10.JPG 44.71 KB
Text supposed fixed size 10.JPG 83.07 KB
Size 14 comes up.JPG 52.12 KB

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If those .JPG files are of the score you are working on, it seems like you are just starting it. Attaching the Musescore .mscz file would be better.

However, you can try:
After you enter size 10, be sure to click on the 'Apply' button.
Reload score.
Where do you click to enter the new text? The .JPG file, unlike the .mscz file, can not display where the text's anchor is.
Try clicking on the rest in measure 6 and then type in your new staff text.

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