Musescore, Windows, v1.3, issue entering chord symbols

• May 24, 2013 - 23:00

I have a score, select a note, press Ctrl+K.

1. When I type "Cmaj7" or "Cma7" the text appears on the screen and that is all. Should the font or chord name change style or be standardized to indicate my entry was recognized?

2 In the chord name how do I enter a flat symbol (e.g. E flat major)?

3. In a chord name how do I enter a diminished symbol? (I tried B followed by both "o" (oh) and 0 (zero) but the small diminished "circle" I expected to see does not appear.)

I'm missing something very fundamental here.


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Look at Style / Edit General Style / Chordname to see what chord description you are using. The default is stdchords.xml. With that file, you need to use Maj, m, and dim. As you are discovering, ma, mi, and o just result in an unrecognized chord. There are a variety of other chord description files available, all hardcoded to use the MuseJazz font, which might not be what you want. But see [[nodetitle:Chordname]] in the Handbook for more. The cchords_muse chord description file - which is the default for the Jazz Lead Sheet template - does use ma, mi, and o.

Assuming you enter your chords in the expected format for your selected chord description file, flats are entered simply as "b", and sharps as "#".

For 2.0, there will be a *very* much improved facility available. See this post:

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Yes, mine is called stdchords.xml. So it looks like "Maj", "m", and "dim", "b", "#', and "+" will be my v 1.3 friends.

Also, I have heard several discussions about what v 2.0 will offer but, unless it's release is imminent, I think I still need to learn the v1.3 level stuff );


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