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• Jun 1, 2013 - 21:20

A new user (again).
using ver 1.3, Rev 5702 in Win 7.

just enter s song that has gone onto 2 pages but the 3 systems on page 2 are spaced much closer than those on page 1 and I don't understand why. I thought that page settings applied to the document but I don't seem to be able to adjust any spacing on page 2.

Any suggestions?

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See Layout and formatting for an explanation of the various formatting options. What is happening here is that in the first page, there are enough systems to exceed the Page fill threshold, so MuseScore is inserting extra padding between staves to fill the page. The second page isn't full enough to trigger that. If you turn the page fill threshold up to 100, you'll see that extra padding in the first page disappear, so it will be as tight as the second. Then you can increase system distance and both pages will be affected equally.

Actually, your settings are only applied on page 2. Page 1 is spaced evenly because it goes beyond the "page fill threshold" (See Style -> general -> page). If you wan the second page to be spaced out evenly you decrease this value.

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