notes disappearing

• Jun 13, 2013 - 09:23

From time to time, when I open a file, I find that half the notes have disappeared from the first bar, and been replaced by rests. Can anyone tell me what is causing this and how to prevent it?


Hi Paul -

Which version of MuseScore and which OS?

Has it happened with more than one score, or just a particular one? Can you post a score where this happens?

I haven't had this happen to me. Perhaps the score has gotten corrupted somehow.


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OK, if you encounter the problem again, maybe you can post the score before you fix it.

OS would be, for example:

Windows XP
Linux Ubuntu version x
Mac whatever

It might not matter for this issue, but sometimes it does, so it's always good practice to give us as much information as you have.


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Have you checked the '.MWGGO.mscz,' backup file to see if the semiquavers are present? The backup file (if present) should be in the same folder as your score. It has a leading period and a trailing comma in the file name. To open it in Musescore, rename it without the period and comma to something like 'MWGGO1.mscz' (to differentiate it from the real 'MWGGO.mscz' file so it can be saved in the same folder - or copy it to the desktop without renaming).

The reason I mention this is that your attachment file does not readily show why the notes are missing....

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So, in the violin 1 part, I see a dotted quarter (crotchet) rest followed by an eighth rest (quaver) in measure one. Also, there is a quarter rest beginning measure 2. You are saying that there should be all semiquavers with no rests.

If you can take a screenshot image with the correctly entered notes, and I enter them into your score, then save it, then reopen it, the notes I entered should disappear. Yes?
If so, please attach your image (*not* the Musescore file) with the proper notes entered.

Also, your MWGGO.mscz file shows 136.67 KB. Does the backup file - the one that you cannot open - show a comparable size when you check its properties?

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