rests in two-part writing

• Jul 1, 2013 - 13:33

According to convention, a bar's rest is the same as a semibreve rest, regardless of time signature. I'm finding, though, that when I put two parts on the same stave, a bar's rest in the lower part appears as the actual value. Is there a way of changing it?


Yes, there are plenty of ways but it depends on which voices you want to the full measure rest. Exchanging voice via Edit -> Voices -> Exchange voices can be a way... Could you attach a file?

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Thanks lasconic

The example you attached wasn’t really much help as it’s in four-four time, so the rests would be right anyway, but I’ve tried the exchanging of voices and that works, but it’s such a roundabout way of doing things, there ought to be an easier way.
Anyway, here’s my piece. The alto part in bar 5 and the bass part in bar 7 were previously appearing as minim and crotchet rest, or dotted minim.

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So_Mote_it_Be.mscz 2.95 KB

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