Connecting Yamaha P-95 Keyboard to Musescore in Windows 8

• Jul 6, 2013 - 00:22

I'm a MuseScore and midi novice both so I hope the solution to what I'm about to ask is elementary.

I have a Yamaha P-95 midi keyboard and am using Windows 8.1 64-bit on a machine with 8GB memory and lots of disk space. The USB cable connector is a no-name USB to Midi connector with an "in" and "out" midi connector that I've connected to the "in" and "out" ports on the keyboard. An LED light comes on to indicate that it's getting power.

I've downloaded the latest version of Yamaha's driver, but cannot install it. It says when I run it that it doesn't find a midi device. That squares with the fact that I don't see the usual pop-up from windows announcing a new device when I plug in the usb connector.

What I've tried:
* restarting MuseScore.
* Changing the port on MS (1 & 2) restarting MS between
* running W8's hardware troubleshooter - it doesn't see the keyboard
* turning the P95 off and on
* Plugging and unplugging the USB connector

Suggestions on what to do to make the connection would be most welcome.


Hi James -

Make sure that you've connected the "in" midi connector to the "out" keyboard port and vice versa.

(Never tried it myself, but that's what other forum topics have said.)


It sounds to me as if there are no drivers installed for your interface.

Was there a CD supplied with the cable?

If so, then you may need to run the cd to install the drivers before plugging in the interface.

It is no use trying to install the Yamaha drivers. They are designed for use with Yamaha hardware, specifically the "To Host" port you should find next to the MIDI sockets on your keyboard.

One thing to check before you decide the cable is faulty and return it for replacement.

Check the switch under the "To Host" port and make sure it is set to "MIDI"

This information is based on my Yamaha P90 which is a slightly earlier model than yours.

Do you have any information bout the interface's origin, it eventually transpired one user with this problem had been sold a Gameport style interface for which Microsoft support ceased after Windows 98 - so basically the hardware wouldn't work with any OS from the last 10 years. I hope this is not the case with yours.

After much digging around I've finally found that conversation.

I hope it's not relevant to your case.


I found the solution to this problem thanks to Yamaha. Their tech support informed me that the P-95 keyboard does not produce midi directly. I needed to buy ($50) their own UX16 cable with midi electronics. When I did so and used the in-to-out cable matching the midi input to MS worked as expected.

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