Cross bar beaming

• Jul 11, 2013 - 08:14

I'm sorry if someone else has addressed this issue - I couldn't find my specific problem anywhere else so here it is:
Time signature 2/4, recreation of the beginning of Liszt's Hungarian Rhapsody no 6. Several bars of four eighth-notes, whereby the beams should go: first eighth note alone, second and third together, fourth and first of the next bar together, and so on. Liszt's music does this for the first page or so. I can't get the two eighth notes at the end of the bar and the beginning of the next one to beam together, no matter what I do. I can get two whole bars to beam together, but as soon as I try to break it down into units of two, the beam across the bar line separates. Is there a solution for this? I apologise, but as I'm new to Musescore (fantastic, by the way, thank you!) I also don't know how to load an example. I must emphasise - this is not about the normal manual beaming procedure - I know how that works and I can do it. It's about this specific problem of two (and only two) beamed cross bar eighth notes.


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