New Piano Soundfont: zPiano

• Jun 8, 2017 - 03:25


Formats: sf2 and sf3
M/S: Artificial Stereo
Layers: 4 Layers (1 main and 3 velocity Layers)
Size: sf2: 19.2MB, sf3: 5.5MB
Quality: Very good.
Production notes: This Soundfont can be used on any type of device because it has a small footprint and is compact. Created and Optimized for using with MuseScore.

Sound comparison: (sf2 versions) 19.2MB(ZPiano) vs 600MB(Sal.C5) and 116MB(YDP-20160804)

zPiano: pianoDemo-ZPiano.ogg
Salamander: pianoDemo-Sal.ogg
YDP: pianoDemo-YDP.ogg

Download from Google Drive


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I am the one who made and was responsible for this Soundfont.
And my email address is also recorded in Soundfont.

Long story:
I found the Wav files on my old CDs.
Maybe I extracted them from somewhere, or maybe I downloaded them from somewhere (I don't remember, they are old files).
Each sample was 2 to 2.5 seconds long. (16 bit)
I looked on the internet, but I couldn't find these samples anywhere. And I decided to use it.

I have reduced the size of the files as much as possible.
I turned from stereo to mono and set the Loop points.
I've gone through all the faults and deficiencies of the original files. And after: many additions and corrections, many improvements and changes were made.

After all, I made Soundfont entirely from scratch. (With Polyphone)
The attenuation value of each piano key was adjusted individually and layers were created.
I tried this soundfont on many piano pieces, and I corrected it accordingly.

As a result: Can be used personally.

But the source of the Wav files I use is still unclear.
So, use it on your personal devices.

I offered it for free. I don't have any income from that. No paid versions available.

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