How to change key?

• Jul 19, 2013 - 17:11

I've entered an entire song in key of F, but want to change the entire song to key of G. So, for example, the song I entered begins wih the sopranos singing a C. I want to change the song so the sopranos begin on a D. If I simply drag the G key (1 sharp) from the key signatures drop-down (K), all I get is the same thing I entered (i.e., sopranos beginning on a C), but with a flat added for a B and the Fs showing a natural. How do I accomplish what I'm trying to do? I can't see how to get back to the original "wizard" sceen where I entered the initial title, key and time signatures, etc. Perhaps if I could get to that I could change the key of the song. Help!


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