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• Aug 1, 2013 - 16:46

Attached you find an *.xml.
I would like to have different instruments for the two Sopranos. Is there a way of doing it within MS?

I would try it by exporting it to MIDI and then change it by a MIDI Sequencer but then I'm going to loose the lyrics (which anyway is a pitty ...).

By the way; I got a paper version of the exact same Typeset by Christoph Lahme Version.
There the two Sopranos are labelled separately anyway in Soprano I and Soprano II.
Is this a problem of MS regarding handling of *.xml?


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There are two ways of changing instrument in MuseScore.

The first is to right -click the stave and choose Stave Properties.

Click the "Change Instrument" button, and choose another from the list. This will also have the effect of changing the stave title.

The other way is to just change the sound the instrument is playing.

For that open the Mixer View and then choose the instrument you want for that stave from the dropdown list.


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Oh - no offence meant!
MS is a great piece of software!!
I will have let this up to you developers, since I have no (ore only very basic programming skills, Turbo Pascal some 25 years ago, self-taught ;-) )

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