Export lyrics in .kar MIDI format

• Aug 1, 2010 - 07:58
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The program exports in various formats, including mid.
Can it be possible export also the lyrics im mid format (kar) ?



To use a midi file for karaoke, i understand that line breaks may have to be marked. My request was simply to include the lyrics in the midi, files, whether line breaks are present or not.
So to specify the request further:
-the export to midi should include the lyrics if present
Now i completely lose the lyrics when editing a midi file with musescore because they aren't exported.

I use photoscore to create midi files( with lyrics) from sheet music. Then Musescore to edit them if necessary and finally midisheetmusic to play the midi files. The midi files are distributed among choir members. They can use whatever player they choose, but most use midisheetmusic for its ease of use and the ability to display lyrics.

A score when exported as a midi are continous, dont have lines.
We can put lyrics in a score, or in a midi opened in muse score...
I make ultrastar files using yass-along who use midi or kar files for pitch and mp3 for music if are from same score ,and musescore can produce both, (ogg, etc) what is super, but not export the lyric, what is incovinient and in windows cant use as a source for sing-song.com (cante) who use midi and kar files ...
I only ask to this programs have compatibility im midi whith lyric. Is to ask too much?

@singsongdon your workflow looks very complicated. First Musescore is not a MIDI editor, it's a scorewriter. If you are using PhotoScore, it can save as MusicXML. You'll have better result using MusicXML instead of MIDI to communicate between PhotoScore, since MusicXML is specifically designed to carry sheet music information while MIDI is not.
After you edited the score in MuseScore, why export it to MIDI to distribute it to your choir member? MuseScore is free, available on Mac, Linux, Windows (and even a player for Android is available and under development). By distributing MSCZ files, your choir members will be able to do the same than with MIDISheetMusic, but they will also have the exact same sheet music than the one you see in MuseScore, including your text, fermata, breath mark etc... What do I miss ?

Of course, exported as kar would be cool too. But, it's better to use the right tools for the job.

Yes that was me who raised that up again. : )

After going through this thread, I feel a bit upset that the Android version came with a charge of $7 so as to play local files, and weekly fee to upload/download/play. For myself I would be happy to pay that, however this blocks the population to others.

Actually I am going to use Musescore in the same purpose as singsongdon for the choir. It does not make sense to ask everybody to pay $7 in order to distribute the music and practice. At the same time, the totally free midisheetmusic can do the other part of the work though not as perfect as Musescore.


I think Musescore is a great piece of software! If it's successfully reading meta events like lyrics and chords from a midi file, then it shouldn't be a big problem to save them back, should it?

Currently, if I open a midi (kar) file which contains lyrics and chords, everything is displayed correctly, but once I re-save it without doing the slightest change, these events are deleted from the resulting file.

I think if someone is exporting to a midi file, they don't want to use it in a another scoring editor (they have MusicXML for that), they want to use it in a midi file player. So, if they intend to export the score to midi, maybe they shouldn't use repeats.

I, for example, would use it to add/change chords/lyrics in a midi file and the reexport it.

Maybe the process should be re-thinked and an easy workaround for this could be for the software to "transform" the score to a linear score before exporting it to midi, if repeats are contained.

The user could get a notice like: "midi file cannot be successfully exported if the score contains repeats and multiple lyric line." when they try to export such a score to midi. Then they should be offered the option to have the software re-save the score to a linear score and THEN export it to midi.

Yes, but the plugin have to work...
I tried the nigtly building more recent in windows xp and it dont work... ask for 2.1.0
i am glad there are people concerned in this matter.
i use vocaluxe, ultrastar, and performous in windows and amuze in android, since they permit introduce new song files in the sistem.
good work and hope you where good succeded in that plugin in windows xp.

There was a bit of a mix up with version numbers. I've made some changes, and will post them soon. The plugin should then work with the current binaries.
I'll ppost a note here when the corrected version is ready.

sorry, but i couldn’t.
tryed i win wp, and ubuntu studio latest... but e
i tried in win 10 and it worked well. but the computer isnt mine...
in ubuntu could you make a guide of installation?
thanks in advance

Follow the instructions here:

In short, you unzip the plugin and copy the files to ~/.local/share/data/MuseScore/MuseScore 2/plugins then use the MuseScore plugin manager to activate the new plugin.

The ~ symbol means "your home directory" under Linux. Just entering the string above just as shown into your file manager should get you to the right place.

Reported version 2.1  
Regression No
Workaround No

Well, the subject is coming up again. (We will not be cowed.)

I have formally requested this feature again - to create KAR files (see https://musescore.org/en/node/290163), and Kar files with chords. Do you realize the numbers of school teachers, and church choir leaders would would find this useful for teaching, conducting parishioners, choruses etc.? And why not lyrics from several voices simultaneously?

Do you realize how useful these files could be with karaoke software?! I am a programmer and I see the arguments as "beside-the-point" and not at all insurmountable. With all the lyric-typing I do I am insulted that I can't export the lyrics with the midi. Please help!

You say you/re a programmer? MuseScore is open source, we welcome your contribution! But FWIW, it's not really helpful to post essentially the same message multiple places.

Es gibt einen Workaround unter https://github.com/juerg-mueller/InsertLyrics. Man kann wählen, ob man im Midi-File die Lyrics als separate Spur (kar-File) oder mit mehreren Gesangsstrophen haben möchte. Ich würde gerne InsertLyrics verbessern. Dazu bin ich auf euer Feedback angewiesen.

There is a workaround at https://github.com/juerg-mueller/InsertLyrics. You can choose whether you want to have the lyrics in the midi file as a separate track (kar file) or with several vocal stanzas. I would like to improve InsertLyrics. To do this, I depend on your feedback.

It should be noted that "Export lyrics in MIDI" and "Export lyrics in KAR" are two completely separate things. The MIDI spec has a Lyrics meta event that can be used to embed lyrics into the MIDI file. This is different from (and, in my opinion, would be a much saner default than) exporting to KAR.

Either this issue should be renamed or issues regarding regular MIDI lyrics export should not be marked as a duplicate of this one.