Export to midi file with lyrics

• Nov 13, 2012 - 11:48
S5 - Suggestion

When importing a midi file with lyrics, the lyrics appear normally. Then when exporting a score to midi, there are no lyrics in the exported midi file.
I´m using midi files for choir practice. It would be very usefull if the midi export includes the lyrics.


I guess it would be interesting to know (in the other issue) how you use the midi file for choir practise. In particular why you are not using MuseScore? Also, line breaks in the lyric text will probably be an issue.

The reason is that virtual singing voice synthesiser, such as AlterEgo, can take a MIDI file (with lyrics) as input and can output a virtual voice singing track. I know this is a feature requested for MuseScore, but MuseScore still does not have a virtual singing voice synthesiser plugin that can either play the score with virtual singing or produce singings audio as output.

Also, it is not easy to control particular voice parts (or instruments) on/off or lower volume, etc. with MuseScore, but it is easy to produce MIDI for each stave and mix them all together with MIDI mixer and then control each channel separately as needed.

Moreover, the purpose of KAR is to SHOW lyrics with the timings of the notes playing. However, when considering the real purpose of MIDI, the purpose of converting vocal staves to MIDI is to PLAY lyrics (or more correctly PHONEMES. Actually you can say that PHONEMES themselves "PLAY" than situation like KAR, where notes can play independently while a separate lyric event will SHOW lyrics separately). I think that they are two different things. Because the latter involves the processing of lyrics to produce PHONEMES and attache them to notes (modified lengths which are shorter than actual note lengths, and consonants assigned to additional timings, breathing inserted, etc.). Entering Lyrics and PHONEMES
for MIDI editor: http://sinsy.sp.nitech.ac.jp/reference.pdf Advanced vocal score editors will not be like this in terms of entering lyrics, since it is not a simple MIDI editor, and the primary purpose is to present lyrics with the score when it is rendered. However, as long as there is a MIDI output function, it seems the capability to produce playable vocal tracks may be the correct things to do? This is because MIDI players would simply accept MID as they are, and would not have capability to process vocal MIDI tracks for analysing PHONEMES on the fly before playing them.