Hide Empty Staves

• Aug 5, 2013 - 19:05

In this choir composition I'm trying to hide empty staves except for between measures 9 - 12, duet part. I made first measures in the first system invisible, but the barlines still showing. Any idea how to hide empty staves altogether without making them invisible or somehow get rid of weird barlines? My "hide empty staves" button is checked, but it doesn't seem to work for some unknown reason. Any help would be appreciated.


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Follow the handbook carefully. I think it would be better to insert a first instrument (eg voice), then piano. After you have completed the score, simply select "hide" empty staves. With a little patience in the forum you can find many tricks.

Definitely don't be trying to mark anything invisible whatsoever. If an instrument is completely empty for a given system, then Hide Empty Staves *will* make it disappear. Your problem is that you didn't create separate instruments - you created staves *within* a single element. Those don't go away. You need to redo this as three instruments of one staff each, not one instrument of three staves.

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