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• Aug 6, 2013 - 23:00

Microshifts of bars in musescore.

I'm studying polyphony and esp steve reich violin phase, where on bar repeatedly shifts or accelerates against another bar which has the same speed, tempo or no acceleration. Steve reich has a piece called "drumming" and also a piece called violin phase? do you know it?

In violin phase there is an accelerando, on one instrument, versus no accelerando on the other. how can I type that in musescore please? It is about micro shifting of one bar vs another. Or accelerando and hold, or to increase the tempo of one instrument, and the rest retains the old tempo.

Two instruments play the same bars, then for one bar the tempo of one instrument is accelerated. Please do you know something about this topic in Muse score? How to express that so a playback can demonstrate the polyphonic effect of microshifting.

What I can do is to increase the resolution an shift one 1/128 pause at beginning and end of the bar, but a feature like accelerando and hold would be very useful. Or to change the tempo of one instrument without altering the tempo of the other. I also need to export it to a midi file. Which would then contain instruments phase shifted, out of sync, but that is exactly what I need for minimal music. Many works from Steve reich uses microshifting of patterns. And that is a problem in Muse score.

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First, you have to realize that this is very uncommon so it's unlikely that Musescore will ever have something built in to do this. Then, there is probably a way to work around the limitation. If I understand correctly, an instrument will accelerate for a measure, and then it will hold a bit, to wait for other instruments.

MuseScore lets you shift note start and note end for each note. Right click a note, Note properties, change ontime and offtime offset to "user" and you can modify the offset. With this, and a bit of patience, you could achieve what you want. See second measure of the attachment.

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