Pickup measure 'compensation' at the end of piece

• Aug 13, 2013 - 00:20

I'm a high school sophomore in my band and we have some songs that are old and have been copied and copied to death and are difficult to read. I am rewriting them for my section so they are easier to read. I decided I was going to do the first part today. In one of our songs that is in 3/4, there are pickups on 3 +. I put it in the score wizard so it was 1/4 for the pickup measure. How do I correct the last measure so it loses a beat? I've tried looking and the handbook just talks about it when you use the score wizard and says that you can add a pickup measure. Sorry if this a bad question, I'm just new to MuseScore as of yesterday.

I tried to include pictures of the beginning and end as well.

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Right-click on the last measure so the blue box selects the whole measure and not just a note or rest, select Measure Properties, and adjust the "measure duration" "actual" value down to 2/4.

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