Complex measure - how to reproduce

• Aug 15, 2013 - 18:51

This is a measure which is part of a song I need to reproduce.
Here is the measure (the one on the right hand side) :

I am totally at a loss to know what I need to do to reproduce the cross stave notes.
Can anyone help me here .... please ?

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As it stands, that measure is incomplete or inaccurate. Should the semi-quaver 'E' that cross-beams up to the Treble Clef not come after the 'B' in the Bass Clef instead of being directly above it and, thus, part of a chord?

I attach my attempt in MuseScore (with explanatory notes).

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Yes, ChurchOrganist is right.

  1. Double click on the note head to go into edit mode (shown on the status bar at the bottom right)
  2. Press Ctrl + arrow left or right to move the head OR
  3. Press Alt + arrow left or right to move the head with smaller increments
  4. Press Esc or click away from the note to accept the adjustment - the stem position will then be updated

Hope this helps

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