Need Cheat Sheet for Chordname entry

• Aug 16, 2013 - 17:48

I'm using the "new Real Book" style, and would appreciate a cheat sheet that gives the protocols for entering chordnames with special modifications, like (+11), (b9), etc.




Go to plugins -> Lead sheet -> create chord charts and select the chord xml file you are using. You will end up with a cheat sheet. Just double click a chord to reveal how to enter it.

Yes, the above is good advice that will give a definitive answer for each specific supported chord. I can summarize the basics of that particular style, though:

ma, mi, aug, o, mi7b5 for major, minor, augmented, diminished, half-diminished

do not type parentheses around alterations; they will render with parentheses automatically

use sus, not sus4 - and this comes *before* other alterations (eg, susb9, not b9sus)

Type them in order from low to high - b5b9, not b9b5. Note there is no support for the vertical rendering of alterations - they will be rendered horizontally.

Note for 2.0, the chord symbol system will be greatly improved, making it unnecessary to follow all these rules. You'll be able to type what you want, within reason. But still, assuming your goal is to mimic the look of the New Real Book, the above guidelines will still be a good way to go (except you'll need to actually type parens if you want them).

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