Musescore 2.2

• Jun 15, 2017 - 09:28

Hi all!

While browsing into Git repos I noticed there is a 2.2 branch. I thought the next release would be musescore 3.0.
So what is this? A bug fix version going to be released in the near future, or a version introducing new features as well?

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It is a provisional branch in case a release would be required before 3.0 is ready. But it might very well never see the light of day as an actual release.
Development all happens against master(3.0) and bugfixes that don't break compatibility are merged into 2.2 as well.

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First of all you'll have to 'wait' for someone to implement it. This patch will happen against the codebase for 3.0. If it doesn't break anything by being backported to 2.2, it will be upon merging (in this case, I would indeed expect a patch concerning plugin exposal to make it in both branches of development).

Then you'll have to 'wait' for a release to happen. As mentioned above, it is not because we have a 2.2 branch of code, that we'll eventually make a 2.2 release.

I believe you asked to expose some private members; haven't had the opportunity to look at your request in detail yet. However I (personally) am not too fond of going to expose private members to the plugin framework if not even other parts of MuseScore seem to need it to function/interact with the object having that private information. A further detailed look is required imo.

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