Problem with sound in Ubuntu 12.04 LTS

• Aug 21, 2013 - 08:57

When I start musescore, the sound system dies - mp3 files stop playing, etc. They (usually) start right back up when I exit musescore.

Oh, and playback (in musescore) does not work. Press the play button, nothing happens.

Musescore version: Version 1.3, revision 5702
Ubuntu Version: Release 12.04 (precise) 64-bit
Kernel Linux 3.2.0-52-generic
GNOME 3.4.2

How to reproduce:
1) Start playing some music (mp3 files). I use Audacious
2) Start musescore. Notice that the music stops, and the "time" does not advance on the player.
3) Exit musescore. Notice that the music starts back up again (usually)

Perhaps there is a necessary (dependent) module that's not loaded?


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I have no doubt that there are many people that have no problem with 1.3 - I want to find out what is different with my installation so that I can be one of them!

I believe the problem is related to Ubuntu (Ubunto 64-bit) - you are using LinuxMint (32-bit??)

Also; under Portaudio, you have 'null' fields for API and Device - that option is not available to me.

I have turned off "Play notes when editing"

I have disabled the I/O as much as I can. I can't completely disable it; it turns "Use internal synthesizer" right back on.

Just starting musescore kills the entire sound system - none of the sound functions work.

It (sound, note entry, playback) was working before with an older Ubuntu LTS; I upgraded Ubuntu so I could run the latest version of musescore.

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No joy. (I know it reset, because I had to "F9" the pallets back)

Portaudio API is set to ALSA - any other setting doesn't "stick". Device is set to default (tried others, none work).

Play panel is dead - blue line does not advance (doesn't even show up) Starting musescore kills the entire audio subsystem.

This was working with an older version of Linux and musescore 1.2. The ONLY reason I updated Linux was because it wouldn't run versions of musescore newer than 1.2. (OK, that and support was dropped for that Linux, but seriously, my primary reason was getting a newer musescore!)

I'm using MS 1.2 (yes, I know it's not 1.3). I have ubuntu 12.04 etc. and apart from dumping the Unity desktop and using Gnome I have the same kernel etc. as you. My MS settings are as follows:

Unchecked - Use JACK MIDI output
Checked - Use Internal synthesizer
Unchecked - JACK Audio server
Checked ALSA Audio
Sample rate 48000 Fragments 3 Period Size 1024
Checked - Portaudio
Api ALSA Device default

If any of those options are greyed out in your system it suggests that they are not available in your installation of ubuntu. Do you have ALSA installed and configured? I have used the ubuntu troubleshooting guides in the past to solve my sound problems:

Hope it helps, but I don't know if ALSA will play well with your soundcard or not,.

I had this same problem on Ubuntu 13.04. Install gawk with

sudo apt-get install gawk

Then restart musescore and see if playback works. This fixed the problem for me.

When I originally had this problem running musescore from the commandline gave me:

/usr/bin/musescore: 11: /usr/bin/musescore: gawk: not found
Suspending PulseAudio

It looks like musescore is checking something on the sound system with gawk. When it can't find gawk then musescore suspends pulseaudio. As a result I got no sound. Installing gawk allowed musescore to see that the sound system was working in a way that it recognized.

I always use it. I have PortAudio selected, but 'API' and 'Device' are empty fields (null). Playback works, and it doesn't block the system sound.
If it works, you can change the .desktop file of MuseScore:
1. go in terminal, type 'cd /usr/share/applications'
2. type 'gksu gedit mscore.desktop'
3. you will be asked for the root password
4. Change 'Exec=mscore' to 'Exec=mscore.real'

Gawk worked for me. I have an ancient system and soundcard, Lubuntu 14:04, have no idea how to install "Jack" and thought I had no hope, but Gawk did it!

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