Beam too long before pause

• Aug 25, 2013 - 13:25

There happens to be some notes with ''extended'' beams. Please see attached image file.

This MS 2 looks great. Bow! It took me 4 hours to figure out how to 'make' guitar tablatures. LOL! And another 12 hours (I have sleapt in-between LOL) to find out there are guitar chords diagrams. Bow, bow!



It's always much easier to understand a debug a problem with an actual score and steps to reproduce. Sometimes a pictures helps, but it's almost impossible to tell how your score got into the state it is in.

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... for further notice. Trying to reproduce the issue (after deleting...) was futile. So I guess it was just a glitch.

I love this MuseScore! It looks magnificent. I love 'hover-over-and-let-the-mouse-wheel-roll-&-rock' funcionality in Inspector - brilliant!

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... since it was 'the first contact', and no instructions available. I love it! Once you know what to do... peace of cake, sorry, I mean piece of cake. LOL!
I have just finished editing scores (notes), now I will go and transform them to GuitarTAB. Then I shall check GuitarDIAGRAM playfulness.
I also want to know how to edit GuitarTAB once it is 'made' - I guess editing original scores (notes) and using magic and well-known trick called CTRL-C -> CTRL-V shall do? Will see.

Viva 'l MuseScore!

You guys Rock! Thumbs up!

(Psssst, I have seen on Audiveris Open Music Scanner web page they are looking for programmer to incorporate that music sheet scanner into MuseScore! Wow, this is getting better and better. Bow! LOL!)

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