Some problem, with Musescore 2.0

• Aug 27, 2013 - 23:09

1: He almost impossible to make a normal trill, because right in the middle what is his to me a tongs, what is very irritate:



4: For quintuples tongs, he exceed the page :


It's always more useful to post the actual score you are having problems with and specific step by step instructions on how to reproduce the problem.

I don't understand 2 and 3. For 1. you can change the beaming as you want. Select the note after the sub beam (what you name a tong?) and double click "continue" beam in the Beam properties palette.

For 4. What would you expect? when there is no more room for notes in a measure, there is no more room... nothing to do about that. If you can show more about the context where you are using these 128th notes we can probably give some guidance.

Btw, there is no MuseScore 2.0 yet. What you are using is a nightly build, made available for testing purpose.

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