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• Jun 19, 2017 - 06:04

I've read the handbook and watched the video. Still confused. Some notes in the score I'm transcribing I can't seem to find on the palette. Right off the bat I'm confused. Not with th cymbal and hi-hat stuff, but the other notes. Where are they?

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In the drum's set you have possibility to change the position and the head of any note. You find drum's set when you enter in Input mode on your drum' stave.


Presumably the chart you are trying to copy came with a a key to help you understand what each of those notes is designed to represent? Otherwise you'll have to resort to guessing, since there are no real standards for drum notation (or, more accurately, there are too many conflicting standards). Anyhow, once you understand what each of those notes is suppoed to represent, then you can go about customizing your drumset definition in MuseScore to match, and then you can enter the notes.

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Actually, it would be harder - literally three times as hard, objectively speaking. Why need to select a voice, enter a note, and then change the notehead, when the current system allows you to do all three in a single step? That's the whole beauty of it, and why most other notation programs also work similarly - it's literally three times as efficient as efficient. Once the drum set definition is set up, you can enter notes crazy fast compared to how it would work if you needed to laboriously select voices, enter pitches, then change noteheads.

I guess maybe you're having trouble figuring out how to set up the drumset definition. As I said, if you can figure out the key used in the music you are trying to copy, we can show you how to set up your drumset accordingly. If you plan to enter a lot of music using that same system, you can save the results as a DRM file or a template so you can keep re-using that same definition. But unless you have a specific need to copy that exact drumset definition, really it's probably better to just use the standard one that comes with MuseScore - less work, and more people will understand how to read it since the one we use is so common.

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