Harmony Labels Move

• Sep 1, 2013 - 10:15

Version 2.0.0 nightly revision 63fe67a, Windows 7.

In the attached "More Chords.mcsz", I drag the harmony labels (C, Am, F, C) to where I want them: just below the 'String Section' staff. See "BeforeSave.jpg".

I save and close the file. When I reopen the file, the chords have moved much lower: see "AfterOpen.jpg".

This is reproduceable (for me).

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Confirmed. I see the offsets being stored in the file but am not entirely sure what units they are or what they are supposed to be relative to.

I did a lot of work on chord symbols for 2.0, but none of it involved positioning. But I think I'll investigate this further.

BTW, rather than move chords manually, if you know you want them below the staff, better to change the default height, which is now in Style / General / Chordname.

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For now :-). It's entirely possible the fact that this setting has changed from Style / Text / Chordname - text style is where all other similar defaults are stored - is part of the problem here. I wouldn't be surprised to see this go back to being in text style.

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