Drum Notations: single line note head inconsistent between scores

• Jun 19, 2017 - 18:22

I'm having trouble figuring out what I am doing wrong with note head placement on a single line staff.

In the attached images you will notice that one score had the note head on the single line, in the other the note head is two ledger lines below.

Both are using the same drum set and editing the drumset shows that 'Battery Snare' are identically configured.

Both are using Neutral Clef.

Inspecting single notes show identical settings.


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Generally, it's better to attach the actual score, not just a picture. As it is, I might guess that one score was imported from a different source - via MusicXML, or even just a much earlier version of MuseScore, that used a different convention for numbering staff lines.

In general, current versions of MuseScore use staff line 0 for the top staff line regardless of numebr of lines. So staff line 4 is indeed two ledger lines below a one-line staff.

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