Pop up windows grows on and on

• Jun 19, 2017 - 21:23

When I use Musescore V 2.1.0 rev : 871c8ce with Mac OS X beta 10.12.6 : 16G16b I have this problem :

When I open the pop up. to change the color (from the inspector F8) its minimal height is bigger each time it opens. You can check by resizing the window with the mouse.

After a while it gets bigger than the screen, and pretty useless at the same time. (I don't use so much color changes, and restarting musescore fixes the problem, until next time you open the pop-up)

There must have been something new with the way Mac OS handles pop-up, or whatever...

As High Sierra is scheduled quite soon, better check if it is just a bug, or a change in the API.

TIA and regards.



Hi Volny,

How is your experience this far with MuseScore 2.1 on High Sierra? Besides the issue in the original post, did you find any other issues? We are trying to find out if 2.1 is ready for 10.12.

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