musescore won't download

• Sep 4, 2013 - 07:00

musescore won't download. I get a error message: Get rid of npfdm.dll . I did so; the error message still persists. I have WindowsXP.

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This is a problem with the faulty uninstallation of Free Download Manager.

The solution will vary depending on your browser.

Google nfpm.dll to find instructions on what to do.

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Thank you, I followed your instructions. I picked a blog with the following instructions. It worked.

silvalyninLevel 2
Feb 20
1) Go into your Chrome Settings
2) Scroll down to the bottom and hit "show advanced settings"
3) Under the "Privacy" header, click on the "content settings" button
4) Scroll down to the "Plug-ins" header and click on "disable individual plug-ins"
5) Find the "Free Downloads Manager" plug-in there, and click on disable under it.
6) Enjoy.

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