File won't open: "bad file descriptor"

• Sep 4, 2013 - 14:01

I cannot open a score that I have made. It is attached to the message. I am sure that I even printed a pdf-file from it (from the most recent edit), so it worked at some point.
An earlier version is also at my page:, but I made several small edits and it would be nice to upload and save for further use the most recently edited file. Now it does not seem to be available.
(My back-up system is constantly updating Dropbox, so I don't see any help in that).


It would seem the file is corrupted. Internally, the compressed MSCX is only ~16,000 bytes, but expects to unpack to ~500,000 bytes, so a lot is missing.

Trying to extract the mscx from that mscz, using 7zip, results in an error "File is broken", so I guess you'd need to resort to your backup file

Thanks for the help, guys!
Actually, I was able to revert to a previous version using DropBox - did not know about that option before.
Uploaded the right one, too.

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