No choice of accidentals

• Aug 2, 2009 - 10:02

I am using 0.9.4. Every accidental I enter becomes a flat, even in a "sharp" key. If I enter a sharp manually, it doesn't survive auto-formatting.

Further, if I press the "sharp" or "flat" or "natural" icon, it doesn't go away when I move on. It ceases to be effective, but if I want to sharpen another note, I have to cancel the icon first. According to the ordinary rules, an accidental persists for the life of its measure. This doesn't happen; if I hit the same note again, it is automatically a natural.


Hi Laidlaw,
This is from the new handbook: "The menu function Notes → Pitch spell tries to guess the right accidentals for the whole score." So, if you select the measures and click the menu option Notes / Pitch Spell, is the problem fixed?

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That works well.

I have since downloaded the SVN version. It seems quite stable, and has two improvements, IMO:

(a) It actually honours the 'working directory' setting - it ignored it before.
(b) I can delete with BackSpace - that is almost a reflex for me.


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