Custom Key Signatures

• Sep 5, 2013 - 06:17

I'm just adding to the list of people dealing with custom key signatures not being recognized in the playback. It's definitely simpler to create a signature for piece that features harmonic/hungarian/melodic/other scales without constantly introducing accidentals. Anybody have a clue when this might be addressed?


No, but I would ask you consider whether the human musicians who will ultimately read this score will be able to deal with non-traditional key signatures. It is not a skill generally taught in music skills, and composers have generally learned that it is cointerproductive to use them, as people just don't know how to read them. That said, there *are* pockets of musicians in certain countries who may be accustomed to the specific key signatures of the scales of their folk music, so if you are specific writing for experience Hungarian folk musicians or whatever, then it might indeed make sense to use these key signatures. If that's the case, and for some reason you also cared about making he computer playback sound right, you could always add invisible accientals, I guess.

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