Volta, improper playback of alternating endings

• Sep 6, 2013 - 00:14

This might be obvious to someone, but I'm obviously not that person. I have a part with two different endings that repeat twice in alternating fashion. 1st ending is 1., 3. 2nd ending is 2., 4. When the 2nd ending begins playback, it simultaneously plays back the beginning of the repeated phrase. It's measures 5 - 8. Other than that, it plays just fine. I just want it to correctly play back the 1st time of the 2nd ending.

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I think MuseScore is probably having as much trouble figuring out the repeat structure as I am. I don't see any way to ever make it back to the first volta for the third ending - the first time playback gores to the second volta, it just runs to the end of the score as far as I can tell. MuseScore is probably desperately trying to figure out when you wanted to actual do the repeat back and is guessing wrong and crossing itself.

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Scenario: The first and third ending go to the first volta; the second and fourth endings go to the second volta.

What I've discovered is that if I leave the repeat count in the first volta at two or three, then things happen as you describe them. It runs to the end of the score the first time playback goes to the second volta.

For whatever reason, if the repeat count of that first volta is less than the total number of voltas, then the playback just runs through. I experimented with adding a fifth ending to the second volta. As soon as I raised the repeat count of the first volta to five, it repeated in the correct order. Before that, it played straight through the fourth ending and never looked back.

What I have set is a 4-repeat count on the first volta (which has 1st and 3rd ending), followed by the second volta (2nd and 4th ending). The playback has the correct order, in this case. The only problem is that, as soon as the second volta plays for the first time, the program simultaneously plays the repeat. It still maintains the proper order, but it just starts the 3rd repeat while the 2nd ending is still playing.

It might help if there was a repeat mark at the end of the 2nd volta.

Why not just write it out in full? The repeated section is not long, and, unlike the hand copyists of yesteryear we have copy and paste!

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